U-Case Office Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Established since 2008.

Customer Focus

U Case Showroom 356U-CASE is set apart by its real interest in down-to-earth problem solving. We have built strong relationships with our customers: long-term partnerships supported by our commitment to innovative solutions that advance our customers’ interests.

Product Leadership

U-CASE is adept at creating products that provide powerful solutions for business. All U-CASE products reflect the strength of our commitment to exceptional design and quality, and our designs have garnered some of the contract furniture industry’s most prestigious awards.

Quick Response

Our entrepreneurial philosophy and decision-making policies allow us to move quickly to meet the evolving needs of business. We have proven our ability to swiftly translate new trends into innovative products or enhancements. We also believe that our entrepreneurial approach makes
U-CASE more flexible, more creative and easier to work with than many of our competitors.

People and Partnerships

People and partnerships are key words at U-CASE. We take seriously our responsibility to our customers and to the thousands of people who work within the office environments that U-CASE has helped to create. It is our goal to develop mutually rewarding partnerships with our customers and to serve the people who use our products.

U-CASE Addresses Corporate Investment

The inherent flexibility of U-CASE products protects a company’s investment in new furniture or furniture already in place. Our systems and mobile furniture allow you to make gradual changes or completely transform your office environment. You can also experiment, by shifting gradually from static workstations to open, interactive team areas – and reverse gears if needed.