U-CASE Office Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

U-CASE is a leading designer and marketer of office systems and related office furniture products.
U-CASE has been built on a core of design and innovation, product leadership, agility, responsiveness to our customers, and a commitment to long-term relationships.

Extensive Product Offering

U-CASE's extensive product portfolio encompasses several lines of systems furniture, mobile furniture, desking systems, panel system, seating, storage and filing, and freestanding desk. Our ability to exceed customer expectations has earned us a recognition and a distinguished clients range from Multinational companies to smaller, entrepreneurial businesses.

Focused on People

Above all else, U-CASE is about people.
U-CASE products are designed to serve the needs of people at work. We work in partnership with the architecture and design community. And we rely on the creativity and commitment of the people within our company - from the executive team to our skilled designers to the business professionals who provide our customers with top-quality service.

U-CASE will continue to deliver the highest quality office furniture to meet the needs of our customers and their evolving workplaces.